Timber Design: Creating the Natural and Beautiful Ambiance for your Home

When it comes to your own home décor, nothing beats the classics. And while there are a lot of options for the intrepid and capable homeowner, there are also decorating options that are not only beautiful, such as custom timber slab furniture or using natural timber design, but also extremely affordable and long lasting. One […]

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Timber Fireplace Mantels for Your Home

Bricks, stones and tiles are commonly used in fireplace mantels, mainly because they are cheap, hardy and easy to find. While they are a beautiful addition to any home, there’s nothing really special about them. Stone, brick, and stucco definitely have more flair, but because they tend to be expensive and not very durable, homeowners […]

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DIY Furniture Kit from Time4Timber: Your Budget Friendly Life Saver That Is Definitely Worth It!

Purchasing furniture in this day and age can be tantamount to monetary suicide for some unfortunate folks. It’s not that furniture is extremely expensive, only that the majority of homeowners have better things to spend their money on than investing in furniture. Furniture types run the gamut from the cheap-and-unsightly to the expensive-and-posh, and if […]

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Quality and Sophistication of Timber Tables for Your Home and Office

Timber is one of the most timeless and versatile of construction materials. It has been used by man cross-culturally, even before recorded history. Even to this day timber remains a highly prized and coveted building material, primarily because of its durability, its ready availability, as well as the superior aesthetics that only it can impart. […]

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The Versatility and Value of Custom Made Timber Furniture

What makes timber furniture like beds, tables and wardrobes so popular? Because these last for countless years and look great even as time passes. While it is true that new modular and contemporary furniture designs have been hugely successful, nothing has been able to touch timber’s stature and aesthetic appeal. It is probably because of […]

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Environmental Sustainability and Protection Using Recycled Timbers: Doing Our Share for Mother Earth

Wood, it is a highly coveted building material, chiefly for its inimitable beauty and warmth, but also for its durability and ease of work-ability. Unfortunately, wood is also a dwindling resource that is slowly being consumed to the point of excess, which is resulting in the ruination of large forested areas every year. Due to […]

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Best Furniture Restoration Services in New South Wales

Furniture is an important aspect that is a necessary part of any household or workplace where people congregate. Basically, investing in decent furniture is one of the cornerstones of good housekeeping and a wise workplace management decision. Unfortunately, furniture today can be very expensive, and in this generation of instant-everything, decent, long-lasting, and most of […]

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Timber Wood Storage Solutions for Your Home and Office

When it comes to providing reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and undeniably classy home and office storage solutions, a lot of people fall short of picking the good ones; this is either due to a limited budget or the absence of a knack for good taste. But let’s face it; a majority of people today would rather […]

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Reasons Why Custom Made Furniture Can Save You More Money Than You Think!

Wood has always been ubiquitous with high quality furnishings; furnishing that are known for their unparalleled beauty and enduring nature. Because of this, it is very sought-after by both dedicated collectors of wooden furniture, and those people who have a hankering or taste for the finer things in life. However, most wooden furniture available nowadays […]

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