Environmental Sustainability and Protection Using Recycled Timbers: Doing Our Share for Mother Earth

Wood, it is a highly coveted building material, chiefly for its inimitable beauty and warmth, but also for its durability and ease of work-ability. Unfortunately, wood is also a dwindling resource that is slowly being consumed to the point of excess, which is resulting in the ruination of large forested areas every year.

Due to the drawback of timber’s popularity, concerned folks have instead opted for alternatives like plastic or laminates that do not involve the cutting down of trees, in order to fashion items for home or office use. Unfortunately, plastics and most other alternatives to wood have a tendency to lack the warmth and solidarity that wood provides, and these often become an environmental concern once discarded or no longer of use.

This inimitable aspect makes timber desirable, and, by extension, extremely valuable and sought after. If you’re looking for a great way to decorate your home or office with wooden furniture, but would rather not contribute to the ever-increasing depletion of forests, then consider recycled timbers.

Buying Recycled Timbers Helps Mother Earth

Who doesn’t want to protect our planet’s resources? However, most people are totally unaware that there is another source of timber than just cutting down trees. There is huge amount of wasted timber often consigned to landfills or neglected in sheds, old buildings and warehouses that can be recycled. This doesn’t even include the equal number of timber rejects from furniture shops and lumber mills that are set aside due to perceived mars, a lack of uniform grain, or some other sort of flaw.

Employing recycled timber is a great way to reclaim wood that is otherwise discarded, but nevertheless useful, and an equally great way to help save Mother Earth from any further anguish. And, buying recycled wood can save you money, because recycled timber is often perceived as ‘second grade’ raw materials, the prices for furnishings made from it are usually less than the cost of new timber. However, most people don’t realise that recycled timbers are just as sturdy, strong and beautiful as new timber.

It’s true; choosing repurposed wood for your furniture needs isn’t always settling for something less. Contrary to popular belief, even repurposed and recycled wood can look amazing, if not even downright superior to new pieces of timber. There are innumerable examples of high-quality furniture made from recycled wood that puts to shame even the most ‘formal’ and ‘common’ wood-working pieces produced today.

If you’re looking to invest in wooden furniture for your home or office, but want to keep things clean and green, with a view to help save Mother Earth, then let Time4Timber help you. We are the one-stop-shop for all your wood furnishing needs.

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