Maximising Space with Custom Made Furniture

When it comes to organising and designing your home, in this day and age, space means literally everything. With more people occupying a finite space within cities, the more expensive properties become, and the less space people will be able to enjoy. In the old days, even individuals who had only a moderate income would […]

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Advantages of Custom Made Furniture for Your Office Needs

Office furniture holds equal importance in a business, if not more, than the furniture in a one’s home. Today, there are many, many choices of office furniture available; unfortunately, it’s not economical for businesses to purchase many pieces of office furniture of every option to meet their needs; so, it has to be considered in […]

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How Would You Know If Your Custom Made Furniture is Made of High Quality Materials and Above Standard?

Furniture today, “It isn’t what ‘it’ used to be” say many older folks. Why is that? The answer is simple, really, because of mass production of furniture made from cheaper alternatives to ‘real’ wood. Basically, at the end of the day, it is because of the bottom line – profit. Some alternative furniture material looks […]

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Custom Made Home Office Furniture Essentials That Fits Your Lifestyle

A lot of people nowadays find themselves working at home. There are definitely a lot of advantages when it comes to working at home versus working in a stressful office environment. However, because one’s home now often doubles as one’s office, there can be a growing penchant for sloppiness or lazy working habits. All well […]

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Benefits of Using Recycled Australian Timber for Home and Commercial Furniture Making

Picking the right kind of furniture that will be ‘just right’ for your home isn’t easy, especially if you consider the sheer variety of choices to be had in the market today. It has been the custom to pass down quality furniture from generation to generation, and such furniture is usually received with the same […]

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Online Shopping for Timber Slab with Time 4 Timber

Timber slabs used to be an essential construction material for a number of different things. In the old days, choice timber was not only the baseline of high-quality foundations for the hearth and home; it was also an integral material for the creation of long-lasting furniture. Today, with the growing rise of deforestation, high-quality timber […]

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Choose Quality Timber for Your Retail Shop Fittings

An owner of a retail establishment must consider many things when outfitting his or her store. One such detail is what material to turn to for custom-built display cabinets and other items that need to last for years. Timber is still the one material that provides ideal durability and an attractive appearance that adds a […]

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Unique Timber Design for Your Vanity Tops, Mirrors and Baths

Provide warmth and charm to your bathroom with timber vanity tops, mirrors and baths. Vlad, our owner here at Time 4 Timber, skillfully designs and creates even full bathtubs from solid Australian timber. Nothing offers a special ambiance to any room the way that natural wood does and this includes the bathrooms. You may think […]

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The Versatility of Custom Made Solid Timber Furniture

When in search of new furniture for your house, you may tire from cookie-cutter copies of the same pieces at each store or site that you visit. The easy answer to this problem is for you to consider ordering custom made solid timber furniture. Not only is each piece unique, but also solid timber provides […]

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