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For Vlad and Kylie Kis, a table is much more than a flat surface. It’s somewhere families gather and memories are created. The couple have set up a Workshop at Brookvale to make tables that have much more meaning and richness than ready-made tables. They are also creating other items of furniture. But it is the table they see as the heart of a house. Vlad, a carpenter with 20 years fit-out experience, makes the furniture from old and salvaged timbers. It all began a few years ago when the couple spotted a raw slab of 180-year old Australian Red Cedar at an expo. “Vlad was looking for a table to create a coffee table in memory of his father who had recently passed away,” Kylie said. “He turned the rough slab into a beautiful table – a family heirloom.”

The duo now have suppliers all over Australia. Time 4 Timber has a unique supply of slabs of the Australia’s most prized and rarest timbers. Vlad said each slab had its own story. “Some of the timber is hundreds of years old and has been knocked down in storms and cyclones or simply succumbed to old age and fallen. No slab is the same.” Kylie, Vlad’s wife and partner stated each slab was no less than 40mm thick, which gives them a unique edge over their competitors. “Some of the slabs are Red Cedar, Mahogany, Raintree, Wattle, Walnut, Oak, Mango – my breath would run out before the list is half way through.”

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Benches, vanity tops, sideboards and entertainment units are some of the projects the Time 4 Timber carpenters and joiners are experts at. Clients can come into the warehouse, select a raw slab and have a piece of furniture made up to their own requirements or design. “Each piece is a work of art and retains the originality and raw beauty of each slab of timber, complete with knots and rough edges,” Kylie said. “There is a shift in perception toward disposable furniture in favour of original pieces. So many things happen at the family table: happy times, celebrations, times of sorrow, even good old family fights. It is all history.” Kylie said one client remembered with great affection her grandmother’s table after 20 years but could not remember anything else in her grandmother’s house. “I hope our tables will have the same impact and leave a lasting collection of happy memories for their owners,” she said.

Clients can come in and buy ready-made pieces or select a raw slab and have it custom made to their requirements with the options of straight or natural edges, polishing, colour staining and resins. The company also offers detailed joinery and has extensive experience in the production of corporate furniture.We now have great contacts with many mills that can cut pieces we require. We also can find most species of Australian timbers to suit our customers needs.

We are located at Rear, 531 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100 New South Wales. There we build and manufacturer all our rare pieces of slab furniture. Call us on (02) 9905 331  to arrange a free tour of our warehouse and timber collection.

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