Complete Fit Out Case Study

Mike Cummins, owner of Beaches Pizzeria, was a unique walk-in customer for Time 4 Timber. He wanted a complete timber fit-out within a tight schedule and budget.

Cummins had a rough idea of what he wanted. Vlad Kis along with our designer Wesley Dunlop, did the rest. Together, they evaluated and measured the restaurant. The challenge was to fit 80 people comfortably while maintaining a vibrant and clean look that was distinctly Australian.

The floors set the mood for the room. Each slab panel was from a different part of the country. As pioneers of timber slab flooring, our carpenters cut warping grooves in the back of the boards to stop them from cupping or concaving. Unique baton screws ensured that the timber was guaranteed not to move while we allowed for expansion and contraction between boards.

McKay Cedar was used to create the bar in the centre of the restaurant. Our designers used this beautiful timber for its white sapwood border with a deep red centre.

We found huge Cedar slabs, polished it off and set it as the bar top. Constructed on top of the bar was wine glass racks made out of textured wrought iron. Time 4 Timber used sandstone for the wall to give the bar a rustic quality.

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Dining tables were constructed using solid pieces of timber from five hand-picked varieties. Bench seats were built to match.

The walls are lined with wine racks made from true blue Australian Red Cedar. The timbers were chosen for their sturdy nature, vibrant colour and smells. It now holds over 600 bottles. What better to match wood-fire pizzas?

The complete timber fit-out was installed in three days and took six weeks of planning and construction.

A complimentary floor history with a background on each board was presented to Mr. Cummins, a man who speaks highly of the timber company.

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