Timber Fireplace Mantels for Your Home

Bricks, stones and tiles are commonly used in fireplace mantels, mainly because they are cheap, hardy and easy to find. While they are a beautiful addition to any home, there’s nothing really special about them. Stone, brick, and stucco definitely have more flair, but because they tend to be expensive and not very durable, homeowners opt for alternatives instead. If you want a fireplace mantel that’s one-of-a-kind, affordable and hardy, timber would be a good option.

What is timber?

Timber is unprocessed wood, and it tends to have a rough finish when compared to polished wood. It also comes in various forms and lengths, depending on the tree size it was sourced from. Its colour and durability also depends on the tree source. Hardwood is definitely the sturdiest lumber you can find, although it may be difficult to come by, it is readily available in Australia. Australian timber is often treated to protect them from termites, although some wood varieties have a natural resistance against these pests.

New hardwood timber is increasingly hard to find, but there is another source. The increasing number of abandoned wooden buildings caused an opportunity to reclaim timber. Basically, it is timber that has been used previously and is being recycled for other purposes. Reclaimed timber has a unique charm with its worn look and aged paint. And it makes for excellent timber fireplace mantels for your home.

Why Use Timber Fireplace Mantels for Your Home?

One of the cornerstone aspects of deciding on using timber for you mantels is that you get to choose from a great variety of woods. This allows you to control the design of your fireplace and the entire room. For instance, dark-coloured hardwoods are perfect for sophisticated environments, whereas light-coloured lofty woods would suit any country-style home best. In general, using timber as a fireplace mantel would give your space a more natural vibe without sacrificing aesthetic quality.

Using timber fireplace mantels for your home is both economical and eco-friendly, especially with reclaimed timber. In this way, it’s cheaper than other kinds of fireplace mantels, but is no less valuable in terms of design and durability. Purchasing these also supports wood recycling and prevents them from going to waste. Timber is a sustainable product after all.

It’s true, timber is not as tough as steel, tile, or stone, but it is low-maintenance and has a decent lifespan. Yes, it may need some dusting once in a while, though you only have to replace it every few years. Considering the low-cost of reclaimed timber mantels, a potential future replacement shouldn’t worry you. Flexibility is another advantage of timber, since it can be easily manipulated into any design that suits your fireplace.

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