Reasons Why Custom Made Furniture Can Save You More Money Than You Think!

Wood has always been ubiquitous with high quality furnishings; furnishing that are known for their unparalleled beauty and enduring nature. Because of this, it is very sought-after by both dedicated collectors of wooden furniture, and those people who have a hankering or taste for the finer things in life. However, most wooden furniture available nowadays isn’t always made of pure wood. It’s true. It may look like real wood, but it’s not.

Real Timber Wood Storage Solutions

More often than not, modern wood furniture is made from wood laminates, veneer, or even plasticized imitation wood made from resin. This is due to the fact that wood is a finite resource – one that is slowly, but surely dwindling. Wood is becoming scarce thanks to the ever-increasing occurrence of deforestation motivated by profit. Often, a cutthroat process of selecting which grade of wood makes it into the early stages of furniture making, which is rejected as raw timber for fuel and other miscellaneous woodworking are all factors wood’s growing scarcity in modern furniture.

If you’re looking for ‘real’ wooden cabinets, tables, chairs and other essential furnishings for your home, but don’t have the budget to invest in very expensive, pre-made, top-grade wooden furniture like the types you see in furniture shops, consider opting for custom made furniture crafted from timber. Most folks would agree that custom-made wood furnishing has more character and appeal than pre-fabricated pieces.

The Advantages of Custom Made Furniture from Timber

In days gone by, timber was just as prized as choice cuts of wood and was regularly used in creating custom made furniture. Today, timber is often considered a ‘reject’ product, making it cheaper than standard varieties of precut wood. This is often why custom made furniture made from repurposed timber is by and large cheaper than regular wooden furniture found in stores. The truth is that timber furnishing is just as durable, and just as beautiful as standard wood varieties of furniture.

One reason why people are finding timber attractive today, and why some people don’t is its unique character traits. Unlike standardised cuts of lumber, timber can often feature odd shapes and natural imperfections that add character and uniqueness, as well as touch of rusticity for the piece – something which appeals to a number of people just as it repels others.

If you’re hankering for wooden furnishings for your home or office, and you want something original, but cannot afford costly storage solutions, then consider investing in beautiful custom-made furniture using timber, from

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