Benefits of Using Recycled Australian Timber for Home and Commercial Furniture Making

Picking the right kind of furniture that will be ‘just right’ for your home isn’t easy, especially if you consider the sheer variety of choices to be had in the market today. It has been the custom to pass down quality furniture from generation to generation, and such furniture is usually received with the same enthusiasm as the day it was bought.

The trademark of quality old furniture was its fine craftsmanship, choice wood and upholstery, and its artisanal stamp of quality. This was back in the day when high-quality choice lumber was still widely available, and affordable enough to be purchased, tooled, and worked into long-lasting works of art that became veritable heirlooms of old families.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have inherited period furniture, or you chanced upon heirloom furniture at an affordable price, at a bazaar or local garage sales, then you are fortunate, indeed. Because most of the timber has of late dwindled to almost frightening scarcity, and many of the old-time artisans of yesteryear have already passed away, unable to leave any descendants or apprentices to carry on their legacy. Obviously, finding good old-fashioned artisanal furniture is now virtually impossible. Unless, you know someone who still uses recycled Australian timber for home and commercial furniture making.

Recycled Australian Timber for Home and Commercial Furniture Making

If you’re looking to invest in high quality wood furniture, but are short on the necessary funds to splurge on true antique furniture, consider investing in pieces made by home and commercial furniture making companies using recycled Australian timber. Unique and beautiful wood furniture can still be made, using high grade repurposed timber.

While, most people may frown upon repurposing or recycling old furniture and oddly shaped, unfinished wood, but in the right hands and with the right craftsmanship, even recycled Australian timber can become a thing of great beauty.

Considering that both tooled timber and repurposed timber tend to be of the same quality, albeit the latter is definitely cheaper, you most certainly can’t go wrong in investing in recycled timber furniture, so long as they are made by professional like Time 4 Timber.

Here at Time 4 Timber, we understand the lure of well-made wood furniture for home and commercial settings. Unfortunately, as wood becomes scarcer, wood furniture is harder to find, but, thankfully, you can still have the wood furniture you desire from quality sourced recycled timber. The main benefit of recycled timber is that it is reclaimed from old buildings, homes, wharves and other demolished structures; not from freshly cut trees.

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