The Versatility of Custom Made Solid Timber Furniture

When in search of new furniture for your house, you may tire from cookie-cutter copies of the same pieces at each store or site that you visit. The easy answer to this problem is for you to consider ordering custom made solid timber furniture. Not only is each piece unique, but also solid timber provides a special ambiance to any room it adorns. On top of all this, the above type of furniture is highly versatile in a number of different ways.

Complements All Home Decor Styles

Customised, solid wood furniture complements all styles of home decor from contemporary to traditional. With stock furniture, you will discover that the pieces will fit only into one style or another making it more difficult to match your home decor. You decide which style your custom furniture needs to be, and this allows you to enhance your home in the best manner for its present style.

All Types of Pieces Are Possible with Solid Timber

You can custom order all types of pieces of furniture out of solid timber. Whether you need coffee tables, dining tables, kitchen furniture, living room items, outdoor chairs or tables, an office desk or other even an entertainment centre, experts in woodworking can create ones that are one of a kind for your home. The experts will ask you to examine various kinds of timber to learn which ones appeal to you the best after they design your furniture pieces for you. You have the last say on how your furniture winds up for your home.

A Variety of Colours Are Available

On top of selecting what type of wood, you also can select from a variety of shades to fit your needs. You can select to enhance the natural colour of the timber with a clear finish or select to alter the colour of the wood through a wide assortment of finishing shades. There is even a marine finish that is ideal for bathroom furniture and furnishings.

Solid Timber is the Green Choice in Addition to Being Versatile

In addition to being versatile, custom made solid timber furniture is the eco-friendly choice since the wood is from ethically salvaged trees, or recycled from old buildings or furniture. Today, this is the best way to utilise wood in furniture to keep from leaving a large carbon footprint on Australia.

Contact Time 4 Timber to learn what types of wood and designs in furniture that we offer our customers. We also will further show you the versatility and beauty of custom made solid timber furniture. Our company only works with quality Australian timber slabs to create pieces that will last for a lifetime.

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