Unique Timber Design for Your Vanity Tops, Mirrors and Baths

Provide warmth and charm to your bathroom with timber vanity tops, mirrors and baths. Vlad, our owner here at Time 4 Timber, skillfully designs and creates even full bathtubs from solid Australian timber. Nothing offers a special ambiance to any room the way that natural wood does and this includes the bathrooms. You may think with all the moisture in this room that is a risk to install wood features, but thanks to a special marine finish, our wood stands up through the years to all the normal use conditions in a bathroom.

Unique Designs Possible With Our CAD Software

We utilise a CAD software program to create unique shapes, angles and even sizes from timber for vanity tops, bathtubs and mirrors for bathrooms. CAD allows us to combine the precision of computer measurements with our own imagination to conjure up designs that are one of a kind for each of our clients or stock items for our shop. Our designs will include smooth edges, shapes that show off the wood grain in the ideal manner and items that fit perfectly into their proper positions.

Timber Offers a Visually Pleasing Appearance to the Bathroom

Timber designs enhance your bathroom with visually pleasing elements. Regardless of the features that you select for us to create for you, all of our creations from Australian wood will delight your eyes each time you walk into your bathroom. Whether you are washing your hands at the sink, styling your hair in the mirror or relaxing in a bathtub, we will construct the timber vanity tops, mirrors and baths or bathtubs to be incredibly eye-catching in nature.

We Provide Both Stock and Custom Options

You can select from our ready-made stock options, or we will sit down with you and plan custom creations according to your specifications and needs. Along with the plans we will design for you, we allow you to choose from our slabs of timber. This way, you control the outcome of your vanity top, bathtub or mirror as much as we do at our company.

The Types of Timber That Our Company Stocks

Our Company has a wide assortment of some of the rarest timbers in the country that we salvage from old buildings or from fallen trees from storms or old age. Each slab is unique in characteristics and markings. Mahogany, Red Cedar, Raintree, Queensland Walnut, Wattle, Mango and Oak are just a sampling of the types of Australian timber we stock for our timber design creations.

Consult with us on your bathroom renovation or fitout today to learn further information on our high-quality timber vanity tops, mirrors and baths that we will provide you. We guarantee satisfaction with all of our timber design, skillfully crafted items.

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