Handmade Furniture for Interior Designs

Designers agree, custom and handmade furniture add a lot more style and panache to your home than mass-produced. Plus, when you cannot find the perfect piece for your space, you can customize to get what you desire. Adding unique handmade furniture to your décor brings a touch of anticipation and unique style.

In truth, adding handmade furniture for interior designs is something to get truly excited about. Not only does a specially designed piece make a statement but it is a piece that can be handed down for generations to come.

Well-Designed and Long Lasting

On the whole, handmade furniture will last longer and hold up far better than mass-produced pieces. Instead of being quickly made and rushed through an assembly line, custom-made furniture is artfully crafted by hand. Plus, furniture that is manufactured is poorly made and often put together with some glue and just a few screws. On the contrary, handmade furniture is extremely durable, sturdy and crafted with precision.

Select Wood

For the most part, manufactured pieces all look alike. Generally, they have the same style with just a few selections for wood type. However, most custom furniture companies have a variety of wood you can choose from. For instance, at Time 4 Timber we have a huge selection of wood to fit your taste such as Australian red cedar, Jarrah (used as the base of road-building), forest red gum, mahogany, maple, river red gum, silky oak and raintree. Moreover, we also have Eco friendly salvaged and recycled timber.

Tailored to Your Design

Handmade furniture for interior designs can be tailored to fit your exact needs. For example, you may need a complete dining room set that matches a striking free standing cabinet that you have had for years. Or you may desire a solid timber entertainment unit that pairs effortlessly with your living room décor. No matter your needs, the beauty of homemade furniture is to have a piece made exactly how you wish. In truth, a homemade piece can be fashioned ideally to the specifications needed.

Aesthetically Unique and Pleasing

With handmade furniture for interior designs you add your own personal taste and style. In fact, whatever you envision your home should look like, custom made furniture will make that dream come true. In addition, every custom made piece will be a likeness of what you love and adore. Moreover, homemade furniture generates a warm living area and a distinctive design that surpasses all manufactured pieces.

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