Firewood and Free Sawdust: The Importance of Sourcing from a Reputable Supplier

Here at Time 4 Timber, we care about the environment as much as we do about our customers and the custom-made timber furniture we make, why? Because, every year natural resources such as timber are dwindling under the need of industry for quality wood, and, unless more companies do their fair share of protecting wood sources, there won’t be any left for future generations. And, that is not good.

But, there is something everyone can do to help the environment, even on an individual level. One of the things that people can do to help ease the pressure on trees is to find firewood and free sawdust to meet their needs from a reputable supplier, instead of collecting these directly from forests.

Locating Firewood and Free Sawdust from an Environmentally Friendly Supplier

At Time 4 Timber, we have more than 20 years of experience among our team of carpenters, woodworkers and cabinet makers, and one thing is for sure, everyone here cares about timber and where it comes from. There are many suppliers of timber, but most of these get their stocks from freshly cut trees, not Time 4 Timber.

Here, we locate and source our timber from various locations all over Australia, ensuring that no tree is cut down. Instead, we get our timber stocks, and the firewood we sell, from dead trees, recycled timber found in demolished buildings, structures, wharves and homes. Basically, wherever we can find recycled timber. In this way, people can feel good about the firewood and free sawdust we offer.

If you love timber furniture as much as we do, then you can feel good about getting your firewood from us. And, you can also get free sawdust at the same time! That’s right, free sawdust, we don’t believe in waste, if you can use it, then you can have it. Not only do we sell cheap firewood from our off cuts, but it is high quality firewood. So, you can expect that is will burn much longer than lighter weight firewood that you find around town.

We have large bags of high quality firewood, and we only sell them for $10 per bag. And, we will give you free sawdust or wood shavings, these are perfect for use in gardens as mulch, or as an effective way to clean oil from under your car, or to absorb chemical spills. If you are looking for a reputable supplier of timber, a company that cares about the environment, then you’ve found us here at Time 4 Timber.

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